Are you ready to create spaces that enhance your connections with loved ones and provide you peace of mind for the days and years ahead?

You don’t need to worry about doing it yourself, because your Designer Bestie is here for you!




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Hello Empty Nester!

Now that your kiddos are out of the house, can you relate to any of these thoughts? 

-I’m lonely. I spent so much time being a mom, I don't feel like I have any friends now that the kids are gone. 

-My spouse and I feel like roommates more than partners after all those years of carpool, keeping kids fed, clothed and alive. Trying to figure out how to reconnect seems like so much work, and I just don't know where to start. 

-What the heck is my purpose these days, since it's no longer taking care of my kids? I used to feel like my life had meaning, now I feel a bit lost. 

- I’m proud of my grown children and enjoy watching them make their way in the world. It was tough at first, but now I’m ready to spend time on me!

- I love my new freedom and am ready to take on new hobbies, connect with friends and find my next adventure!

If you relate to any of those you aren't alone. I work with dozens of Empty Nesters who have these same feelings and I help them realize the solution to their situation is already right in front of them...in their home! 

Hi I'm April, Your Designer Bestie and I can help you create a home to support your new lifestyle. That's right, you haven't had time for an Interior Designer or a Best Friend, so I am here to be both.


April is the consummate professional. She is so easy to work with and is very creative. She really listens to what you want and helps you get to that place. Her organization skills are outstanding with no detail left undone. Emails and phone calls are always returned quickly. The absolute best part for me was that she took the stress out of our project! You can trust that April will do everything in her ability to make sure that you have a beautiful space.

– Joyce, Lutherville

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Are you ready to create an Empty Nest that supports YOU?

I can help you create a home that makes it easy to nurture yourself during this transition.

A home that enables you to confidently & effortlessly entertain friends (and helps you make new friends!).

A home that enhances and deepens your connections to with loved ones.

A home that gives you peace of mind for the days and years ahead.

As a result, you will smile every day when you walk into a home that supports your goals and dreams for the next season of life.

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The Designer Bestie’s Guide to Dress Your Empty Nest

After years of sharing your house, it’s finally all yours… time for you to re-do your spaces! But how should your home be set up to show off your rooms so you can enjoy your new memories in your home? Don’t worry, your Designer Bestie is here to help — now, you can steal my years of experience with my free guide!

Designer Bestie Strategy Session

Want to tackle your top 3 Biggest Design Challenges in 90 minutes from the comfort of your own living room? This super-convenient and extremely effective session works well from anywhere. After your session you’ll have a clear path to transform your home into rooms that are ready to host friends and with furnishings that make you proud.

Full Service Designer Bestie

Complete your dream home with gorgeous spaces custom created by your Designer Bestie — just for you! Let us help uncover your vision for the next stage of life… so you can entertain with confidence and connect you with your loved ones. We’ll bring together your ideas and design a beautiful home you’ll love to live in!

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