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Are you ready to create spaces in your home that make it easy to nurture yourself and confidently entertain guests?

Are you eager to enhance your connections with loved ones and have peace of mind about your home for the days and years ahead? Your Designer Bestie is here to guide you through every step!







Designer Bestie Video Strategy Session


Want to tackle your top 3 Biggest Design Challenges in 90 minutes from the comfort of your own living room?

Then my Designer Bestie video session is for you. You can even wear your fuzzy slippers and pajama pants, I'll never know. In this super-convenient and extremely effective session we will: 

  • Review photos of your room & problem areas to quickly zone in on your biggest challenges

  • Use my 7 Signature Steps to identify actionable solutions for your spaces

  • Tackle & provide solutions to common design challenges such as furniture placement, cohesive color palettes and coordinating fabrics

  • Provide you a recording of our session so you can listen again any time that works for you!

  • Create a custom Designer Bestie Report capturing solutions to your design challenges with clear next steps to implement your vision

  • Prepare a post-session Decor Audit so you have a checklist to guide you as you make updates to your room (this is like having a Designer Bestie in your pocket!)

This session is great no matter where you live — video allows us to connect across the country! Once you have our session recording, your Designer Bestie Report and Decor Audit you will be ready to transform your home into rooms that are ready to host friends and with furnishings that make you proud.

You’re on your way to creating spaces that make it easy for you to nurture yourself and connect with your loved ones.

Are you ready to create spaces in your home that make it easy to nurture yourself and confidently entertain guests? Are you eager to enhance your connections with loved ones and have peace of mind about your home for the days and years ahead? Your Designer Bestie is here to guide you through every step! 

If you’ve made it this far…you’re probably thinking my Video Strategy Session is exactly what you need, but you may have a doubt or two. Is one of these thoughts creeping into your head and keeping you from scheduling a strategy session with me today?

I don’t have the money for this right now.

When you are ready for a change in your lifestyle and to create a home you are truly proud of, this Strategy Session will give you a huge dose of confidence and peace of mind as you begin to transform your rooms. This type of confidence and progress is priceless! You’ve likely put off making updates to your home while raising a family so now is the time to invest in you! The money you will save avoiding costly design mistakes will make the session fee worth it several times over. With a small investment toward a smart plan, you can begin working on bringing your vision to life immediately and see results sooner than later.

We won’t be able to get as much done if you’re not in my house.

A video meeting provides a great personal connection as well as time savings! For starters, you won’t need to spend any time preparing your house for me to come over. If it’s more convenient for you to “meet” me during your lunch break, we can schedule our session while you’re at the office. This is also a great way to work on your vacation home while you’re in your year-round home! Weather, traffic or distance won’t get in the way of our meeting, so no need to worry about those hassles. The best part? Your session will be recorded for reviewing as many times as needed.

This sounds great, but what do I do after the session?

This Session offers enough details for you to transform your room into a functional space that makes you smile every day, but you’ll have to make time to complete the Decor Report tasks. If you are ready to spend time on this, then you are all set! Want more advice as you move through your list? I’m here for support and feedback via a bundle of Strategy Sessions. For even more help, you can book a Designer Bestie for A Day and spend a day with me tackling your list! I’m here for you as much (or as little) as you need to help you achieve the best results for your home! That’s what a bestie is for, right?

This Strategy Session can be a one time meeting or the kick-start of a larger project.

Investment: $500

“Thank you for the valuable information I received from the Video Strategy Session. Design can be very overwhelming to me because of the endless possibilities & I was a little stressed when you requested that I search for things on Pinterest & fill out a questionnaire...that is, until I actually did it. The set up process was incredibly easy.

I loved the step by step questions as they made it impossible to “fail.” I feel like this is where I always falter...I don’t know what I’m doing and having to put into words what I’m looking for is really hard. The step by step instructions gave me a new way to break things down and more easily to come up with a room plan. Uploading pictures was super easy too.

Hands down, the best part of the Zoom call was the “chill” factor. It was nice to just hang out in my house and handle everything through video. Not that I did, but you can totally wear your pjs and fluffy socks and no one would be the wiser. Plus, I didn’t have to clean my whole house to go over one room. I loved that!

Some of my favorite take aways from our session are:

>The window shades - I love your idea. It’ll definitely warm up the space & make it cozy, which is what I’m after. 

>Color palette - I’m the absolute worst at selecting colors so this was great because I like every color you suggested & I didn’t have to look at a single color swatch.

>Chaise lounge - woohoo! I’m finally getting my chaise!”

- Mitzi Miller, Ellicott City


Designer Bestie for a Day


Want to spend a day with me planing and shopping to complete a room in your home?

I know you want to make selections for your home that fit your lifestyle and make it feel complete, but without extensive knowledge of how to pair items and what's available, it's hard to have the confidence to make design decisions on your own.

This service provides you a full day with me to help you update your home and make furniture and material selections to fit your lifestyle. That’s right — you can spend a day planning and shopping with your Designer Bestie! Luckily for you, I know what's out there, and I can tell you which pieces will work best for your space and why. Plus, I'll save you time by helping you zero in on your priorities, make adjustments to your home and navigate stores. 

Are you eager to create a room that helps you enhance your connections with loved ones? Your Designer Bestie is here to guide you through every step with a plan you can easily put into action!

We’ll start off with a meeting in your home, followed by shopping time online or in person. We’ll have one-on-one time in your home, local stores and showrooms, with a midday lunch break so we can recharge.

Your day will include:

  • Meeting time to establish your list of goals and priorities

  • A review of your likes and room functions 

  • A plan to address your priorities

  • Rearranging items in your home, online shopping and/or in-person shopping, to make selections to complete a room in your home

  • Selections can include furnishings or materials for a kitchen or bathroom project

  • A mid-day break to recharge 

  • A Designer Bestie Report with a summary of the days decisions and next steps

Are you ready to complete a space in your home so you can easily to nurture yourself after a long day? Is it time to update a room in your home so you can confidently entertain guests?

Designer Bestie For A Day lasts up to 6 hours. The day is most effective if we focus on one room in your home. After our planning and shopping, you’ll receive a Designer Bestie Report with the day’s decisions, enabling you to complete your project with confidence and style. 

Investment: $1,800

“I had a wonderful time during our Designer for A Day and it was so stressless! I can’t emphasize how I usually dread and postpone (it’s been 2 years since I’ve started this project) decisions because it’s so very difficult for me coordinating styles and colors. You made it so easy and smooth going from one step to another. I did not know where to start.  So I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advice and color matching! It was a fantastic day for me.”

– Jodi B., Columbia


Full Service Designer Bestie


This luxury service provides all of the elements needed to complete your entire home or fully furnish rooms so you can finally achieve your dream home. 

Your spaces are finally your own, and it’s time to renovate and rejuvenate them. You don’t need to worry about doing it by yourself, because your Designer Bestie is here for you! 

Let’s work together to create a home that makes it easy for you to nurture yourself and confidently entertain guests. Let’s create spaces that enhance your connections with loved ones and provide you peace of mind for the days and years ahead. 

This service provides you:

  • A review of your rooms functions and your style likes

  • A budget for each room we’re designing

  • Detailed space plans to reflect rooms’ functions and needs

  • Selection of all furnishings, window treatments, materials, art and accessories to complete your spaces

  • Complete room designs presented all at once

  • Full color illustrations of completed designs so you can see how everything works together!

  • Detailed proposal of all items for purchasing, within established budget

  • Purchasing of all furnishings 

  • Oversight of deliveries, storage and inspection of all items

  • One day installation of furnishings 

Would you love to step back, relax and let us handle the details? Then this service is for you!

From working closely with you to understand your needs and likes, creating complete spaces that are presented to you with beautiful drawings, to managing the logistics of the ordering and installation process, I bring your vision to life and take care of the details for you.

Investment: This service has a flat design fee based on scope of your project. All design fees and project timing are established at the beginning of a project so you know how much the project will cost, when payments are due and when the project will begin and end. 

Hiring April was the best decision in our entire move. We downsized into a two-bedroom condo and wanted a professional perspective of how to utilize our space to its maximum.

April took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for, then came up with ideas on furniture, built-ins, color schemes, etc. We had a lot of ideas but just couldn’t imagine how it could all come together.

She helped us visualize our ideas and added her own perspectives, which guided us every step of the way to make wise decisions, which we are delighted to live with in the years ahead.

I needed a small office space designed and April came up with something I could have never imagined myself – it is perfect and makes a very small space seem practical, utilitarian and organized! She also designed a built-in wall unit for our great room for storage and our TV. Everything was perfect. We felt that every dollar we spent on April’s expertise was well worth it and we would do it all over again. We couldn’t be more pleased!

– Bill & Joyce, Marriottsville


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