Design process

We have developed a process that keeps all of the details in order and keeps you informed every step of the way. Not all project go through all of the steps outlined below, but this gives you an overview of our entire process.

1. Consultation

After we’ve had an initial phone conversation to determine that we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll set up a Video Strategy Session or an in-person consultation in your home. The consultations serve as either the kick-off meeting to begin a full-service design project or as a stand-alone meeting that solves a few smaller design challenges.

During the kick-off consultation we may cover:

  • Possible solutions to your design challenges and answers to your design questions. We recommend you make a list of all of your questions before the meeting so we can address them all.

  • The scope of your project in detail. This will include all the rooms involved in the project, how you intend
    to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space so that we can understand your needs

  • Your project budget - I can walk you through an exercise to set a realistic budget for your projects

At the end of the consultation we’ll discuss the best way to approach your design project, and when possible, project fees will be presented at this meeting (or at our next meeting). If you are ready to move forward with the project, I will prepare a Letter of Agreement (LoA) outlining the project and associated fees. All of our projects are priced with a flat design fee for services.

2. Agreement presentation with measures & review of your preferences

If not completed during our consultation, I’ll present the LoA at a follow-up meeting. The LoA outlines the project scope and fees. The LoA is signed and your initial design fee is paid during this meeting. At this meeting I will take detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in your project. We’ll also review your homework and discuss your style preferences. Where appropriate, I may also arrange to have the trades people who will be working on your project come in and take their own measurements for estimating purposes.

3. Space planning

Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space. After all the measurements have been taken I will develop space plans for each room. We will meet to review and approve the plans before moving onto the design plan.

4. Design plan

Based on discussions about your likes, needs and images you’ve shared with me, I will begin preparing the design plan. This includes all selections for furniture, fabric, window treatments, fixtures and materials for flooring, counters, tiles and cabinetry. Drawings, samples and pictures are gathered. Product costs are organized for presentation. 

5. Design plan presentation(s)

At the design plan presentation meeting(s) my one best design plan will be presented to you in full. You will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. By the end of the meeting we should have a complete design plan that meets your approval. Timely approval of the design plan is crucial for maintaining accurate pricing and ensuring the availability of some design elements.

6. Purchasing

My office can purchase all of your selections, or if you prefer, you can take care of this aspect of the project. This aspect of the process is decided before signing the LoA. Both options are outlined below.

April Force Pardoe Interiors oversees purchase management: Merchandise purchased by AFPI is priced and sold to Client competitively at or below retail costs, plus all applicable taxes. Freight and warehouse charges for merchandise are billed separately to Client, at cost. My purchase management service includes my time to purchase, expedite and supervise one day installation of all merchandise delivered. Detailed proposals and invoices will be prepared for your approval. There is a purchase management fee to oversee this part of the project.

You oversee purchases: I will prepare a full set of specifications for you to proceed with purchasing all of your furnishings and accessories. This includes oversight of all purchases, deliveries, installation and any problems that come up during that process. 

7. Installation

This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by trades people has been completed. The furniture is
delivered, window treatments are installed and accessories are placed. If AFPI managed the purchasing, I’ll arrange to have everything delivered on the same day so you get that “wow” effect when you come home. If you managed the purchasing of items we can come in after everything is delivered and ensure it’s set up as intended.

8. Project review & celebration party

After your project is complete, I’ll send you a project review questionnaire and request an online review (on sites such as Google+). I may also arrange to photograph the spaces or host client celebration party for your friends so you can show off your new home!

I hope this document has been helpful to you. I strive to make the design process fun, enjoyable and informative. Your happiness is my desired end result and I work hard to ensure that that result is achieved! Communication, along with setting expectations from the start of the process, is key to a successful project.