Picture Homework (everyone get’s an “A”!)

To help me better understand your likes and dislikes, please take some time to collect images of rooms, nature, patterns, fabrics and colors you love. One website I recommend for researching and storing images is Pinterest. (Our page is April Force Pardoe Interiors or pinterest.com/afpinteriors.). It’s easy to get lost down a “shiny object/pretty picture” rabbit hole on this site, so don’t blame me when you missed dinner because of Pinterest!

It’s easy to set up a free account on the site and use its search feature (i.e. “inviting family room” or “sophisticated dining room”) to curate boards with inspiring images. You can categorize your photos by room, color or however makes the most sense to you. Once you have a collection of images, please share your board(s) by providing me a link. I will review your photos to find commonalities among them, giving me a great starting point to assess your style and guide design decisions. See section 2, below, for instructions on how to share your Pinterest boards with me.


  • These selections should be based on a gut reaction of “I love it” or “I don’t like it”

  • Photos of both are helpful, but I prefer to see more of “I love it”

  • Don’t limit yourself to images of the room(s) we are designing. We aren’t recreating pictures you find.

  • Look for images that convey the feeling you’d like to have in the space we’re designing

  • When “pinning”, use the description field to make notes about what you like and don’t like about each image

  • Lastly, have fun! This is about exploring what you love and is the first step toward creating a home you love.


  • From the main webpage, navigate to your Pinterest boards. (Go to your profile, clicking on your name/thumbnail image in the top right corner of the Pinterest homepage, and then click the “Boards” link mid-screen.)

  • Open the Pinterest board you wish to share and click the share icon at top of the screen (a gray upward arrow, just above your board’s name.).

  • Click “Share board” and enter my email address, april@afpinteriors.com, in the gray “Name or email” field.

  • When finished, click “Invite april@afpinteriors.com” to send.

  • OR, after clicking “Share board”, click the link icon (second from the right, next to the envelope icon). Copy and paste the URL shown into an email to me.

If you have any questions about collecting and/or sharing your inspiration images, please contact designerbestie@afpinteriors.com.

-April, your Designer Bestie