Designer Bestie for a Day


We’ll start off with a consultation in your home, followed by shopping time online or in person. We’ll have one-on-one time in your home and local stores and showrooms…with a midday lunch break so we can recharge.

Your day will include:

  • A consultation meeting with me in your home to establish our list of goals and priorities

  • A review of your likes and room functions 

  • A plan to address your priorities

  • Rearranging items in your home, online shopping and/or in-person shopping to make selections to complete a room in your home

  • Selections can include furnishings or materials for a kitchen or bathroom project

  • A mid-day break to recharge 

  • A Designer Bestie report with a summary of the days decisions and next steps

Are you ready to complete a space in your home so you can easily to nurture yourself after a long day? Maybe you need to update a room in your home so you can confidently entertain guests. Are you eager to create a room that helps you enhance your connections with loved ones? Your Designer Bestie is here to guide you through every step with a plan you can easily put into action!

Designer Bestie For A Day lasts up to 6 hours. The Day works best if we focus on one room in your home. After our planning and shopping, you’ll receive a detailed summary of the day’s decisions, enabling you to complete your project with confidence and style. 

Investment: $1800