Hi everyone (at least I hope there are a few people reading this!),

2008 holds a big resolution for me — building a successful new business. I run AFP Interiors, LLC, an interior redesign, staging and decorating business. 

April Force Pardoe Interiors Howard County Baltimore Maryland Interior Design

I’m all about decorating, design, color, furniture, paint and art and making it all function together in my home and for my clients. I’ve never met a room I didn’t remember; it’s a blessing and a curse. I’m excited to share my passion with others and hope to have some great chats about design for living.

To me that means we have to LIVE in our homes, not just make them look nice. How can we make our homes look good and function even better? Whether it’s living with kids, pets, roommates or a combination of all three, it’s possible. How do you make it work? What do you need help with?

I’ll share my best practices for home decorating, how to work with and around obstacles and how to have fun doing it. 

Happy decorating….


April Pardoe