Spring Colors to Inspire Your Home Decor

It’s officially spring, but it’s snowing in MD today! What a perfect time to freshen up your home with vibrant hues that delight you as the weather (hopefully) turns from chilly to balmy. The spring colors for your walls that shine most for 2013 are a little bit traditional and a little bit lively. They will give you the freshness you are looking for and also have a calming influence to keep your home relaxing and inviting. Sounds perfect, right?

Selecting sensational colors for your home is my specialty. I love finding the right blend of colors that will speak to you and your family and pull your furnishing and decor together. Here are a few of my favorite spring 2013 color trends to get your creativity flowing. Use trends as guidelines and inspiration — but remember to only use colors you love to in your home.

One of the hottest colors for spring is warm orange. This shade has been around for awhile in home accents and clothing. Orange can be a quiet mood enhancer when done in lighter shades, or a more upbeat influence when used in more intense hues. It works well when paired with blues, slate grays or off whites. How much or how little it appears in your room will dictate the effect it has. Use an accent or two on a table top to make a new focal point or paint an entire room to revamp the entire look of your space.

{Warm orange on your walls will create a glow in your home. From:  Tistory .}

{Warm orange on your walls will create a glow in your home. From: Tistory.}

Mint green is a more traditional color that can be used more abundantly in a room. Painting all four walls will refresh the look while also maintaining a relaxing vibe. Pair mint green with shades of pink, lavender or brown. Soft grays also provide a warm backdrop for shades of mint.

Cobalt blue is a dark, saturated blue that emphasizes sophistication. It is best used sparingly, but the effect of cobalt blue around cabinets in a kitchen or in a bathroom always makes a statement. Blues coordinate well with shades of orange, bright white or grays.

Pair cobalt with a softer, lemony version of yellow — this traditional spring color of chicks and eggs is one of the primary colors across the color wheel from blue, and they always work fantastically together. The lighter shades of yellow are stronger this spring than the more intense colors of the past.

If you’re looking for something to tie all these disparate colors together, try soft shades of icy gray. Gray works as the neutral shade that runs throughout your home and keeps the space from looking disorganized and unruly. You can accent with your favorite new spring shades and make your home look chic and fresh.

{Soothing, soft gray walls are fresh and calming. From:  HGTV .}

{Soothing, soft gray walls are fresh and calming. From: HGTV.}

For help choosing the perfect shades to brighten up your home for spring and throughout the year, contact me! My approach to home design will ensure you obtain the home of your dreams, one that suits your lifestyle and tastes and always says “welcome home“.