First 3 Steps for Your Renovation Project

If you’re considering taking on a home renovation this year and you want it complete in 2014 now is the time to begin planning, interviewing professionals and organizing your budget. But where do you begin? I have 9 steps to preparing for a renovation. I’ll start with the first three here and provide you with the rest in future posts.

Quite simply, preparation is key to any wonderful renovation and you want yours to be wonderful, right? Here’s how to get started.

ONE – Set specific goals
Before you begin talking to contractors, architects or designers, make a list of the goal(s) of your remodeling project – for example:

  • Goal – enlarge kitchen eat-in area

  • Goal – finish a basement to include a guest room, full bathroom and play space for the kids

  • Goal – add more light to a room via natural light and lighting

If you know what’s driving the project it will help you stay on track (it’s easy to get off track and off budget when you begin the process and the ideas start flying!).

{Nature inspired master bathroom renovation. Design by  April Force Pardoe Interiors .}

{Nature inspired master bathroom renovation. Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

TWO – Make a few lists
Make a list of your must haves and the function of the room (for example, space for 2 people to cook in the kitchen, a professional gas range, seating for 6 – 8). This is different for every person and project, but it’s what makes your project and house yours. Don’t edit yourself here because you think it can’t be done—you’ll be surprised what solutions the professionals can come up with. I suggest going into meetings with your full wish list and see what can be done with it.

THREE – Research
Now comes the fun part! Spend some time looking at photos of the room you are remodeling for ideas on how to best address the space. Photos are also great for selecting finishing details or viewing color and material combinations. Photos are wonderful for sharing with the professionals you hire to work on your room. A picture is worth a 1,000 words in this case! I recommend checking out Houzz for ideas — you can start your own virtual idea file on their site and easily share it with your service providers.

These three steps are key to beginning any renovation project. Going into meetings and planning prepared will make the entire renovation process better for everyone involved. The next 3 steps will come later this week!

What has been key to your successful renovation projects? Please share below.