Regret-proof Your Empty Nest Years

I’ve been thinking about your empty nest, your home and your desires for these exciting years. I came up with an acronym to help you regret-proof the days and years ahead — DAIP (as far as acronyms go it’s not too great), but the idea behind it is really excellent. (If I do say so myself.)

When you're faced with an empty nest home you have a whole new outlook and approach to twenty four hours. You now have time for new activities and new interactions. You are likely feeling a void where you once connected with your kids so you are trying to focus on new connections and figure out ways to build connections and maintain connections with loved ones in your new 24 hours!

DAIP outlines the steps you can take to enhance your empty nest so your home serves you and becomes the solution to a lot of your challenges! Let’s take a look!


The first step is Desire.

You have to really think about what do you want for this stage of life. What are your desires?What do you want for yourself for the next 20 or 25 years. Do you have a bucket list? This can be a great, fun place to dream with your partner on your own. 

Let’s say your desire is to spend more time with friends, because let's face it there's a little bit of a void because you're not spending time with your children and you're probably missing them. Not your friends are replacing them, but they are adding joy to your life in new and in different ways. So let’s use spending time with friends as the Desire in this process.

The next step is Activity. 

What are the activities you can do to make your desire, to spend more time with friends, a reality?

The answers to this are endless, but let’s say for example one idea is to host monthly dinner parties with a group of friends. The desire is to build connections and spend more time with friends. The activity is to host dinner parties. Sound good so far? 

{Living room design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

{Living room design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}


The next step is Inventory. (Still spells nothing, but we are making great progress!)

This is where I encourage you to look at your home as a solution. For this example you’ll want to do an “inventory” of what you need to host a dinner party. Take a look at your dining room or your kitchen, or wherever you tend to entertain and host meals. Or maybe you haven't hosted dinners in so long that this is a really great time to take and a fresh look at your dining space and your kitchen and imagine hosting 10 people for dinner!

Is your space great as is? Maybe you just want to enhance it with new linens or plates or update the lighting. Take a look at everything and consider what you want and need to fulfill the desire of hosting dinner parties.

The last step is Plan.

Now you're going to put a plan together to bring those activities to life. The plan may be “we would like to add a bench seat on one side of the dining table so we can fit a couple more people so we need to go find a bench seat.” The plan may be “we haven’t updated this lighting for 20 years and now is a great time to update it and bring something into the into the space to enhance our dinner parties.”

The plan step is the action steps that you're going to take to acquire, purchase or rearrange to put that dining space together. 

So to review, if you're looking for ways to enhance your empty nest, begin by considering your desires for your next stage of life. 

The one I shared is the desire to spend more time with friends then you're going to look for the activities that you want to do to bring that into your life. One example is hosting monthly dinner parties. Then you're going to do an inventory of what your home has to support that activity and what it needs. It may be all set and you just need to send out those invitations and start enjoying the heck out of your friends!

Finally, you’ll create a plan to make everything happen! With this acronym in your back pocket you’re all set to enhance your empty nest!

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