A Curated Look at Color

I recently made a presentation to a group on “Colors of the Year — A curated look at color.” The day before the presentation I was stopped at a traffic light and saw a car in each of the colors of the year (from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore & Pantone) on cars around me. This made me laugh! When we focus on something it seems to manifest itself in the strangest places.

I presented the topic on colors, not to share what’s trendy in color, but to look at how various industries - from design and fashion to home and kitchen - use these colors and where you’ll begin to see them (on cars!). It was a look at the colors and a deeper look at how colors are presented to us through various industries.

Colors of the Year 2018

Industries begin using these colors on various items from make up and home decor to fashion and appliances. You’ll see them more and more in stores and online and may like one enough to want to use it in your home.

Here’s a closer look at each of these companies colors, the ideas behind the color and how they are showing up across industries.

Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside (Also known as “April blue” in our office!)

Sherwin Williams Oceanside Color Paint Inspiration.jpeg
Sherwin Williams Oceanside Color Paint Inspiration

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente

Benjamin Moore Caliente Color Paint Inspiration
Benjamin Moore Caliente Color Paint Inspiration

Pantone’s Ultraviolet

Pantone Ultraviolet Color of the Year Inspiration.jpeg
Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet Inspiration.jpeg
Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet Inspiration.jpeg

If you love any of these colors and want to incorporate them into your home’s decor there are easy ways to do so!

Bold Subtle Using Color In Your Home.jpeg

If you love color like I do, you may wish you could capture the colors of things you see throughout your day. Well I have great news — you can with these great color apps! Click, save and you’ll have paint color references at your fingertips for all sorts of color inspiration!

Color Apps Applications Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Color Snap Capture.jpeg

Which Color of the Year is your favorite? Which one do you have in your home and love and which one do you want to bring into your home? Leave me a note in the comments. If you need assistance with color contact us today!