Interior Design Establishes Long Term Plans - Result #7

Results matter. There are many processes and steps in an interior design project, but at the end of the day, you really want the results that come from those processes and steps. You deserve results. Welcome to my seventh post regarding the results you receive from interior design.

Result #7 – Establishing long-term plans.

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When I meet with clients who are undertaking large projects we sometimes discuss establishing an overall plan for the room  – including a space plan for furnishings, a color palette and fabric and furniture selections — and then we determine what can be accomplished now or what needs to be put on the “later” list.

If you are interested in high quality furnishings, materials or custom cabinetry but can’t swing them all at once (either because of the timeline or the budget), phasing those pieces in over time is a great way to achieve the look and feel you want in your home without sacrificing quality. So instead of reducing the quality of your selections you extend the timeline to complete the room. It’s always worth the wait to get what you really want.

Waiting to complete a design project can be an exercise in patience, but I always find that once the project is complete, clients are happy they waited instead of compromising on what they really wanted.

Working with an interior designer allows you to see the big picture and all of the pieces and then establish a smart plan for bringing it all to life. Whether that happens all at once or over a period of time, having a partner in planning is always a good thing!

Establishing long-term plans is result #7 of interior design. If you are interested in learning how interior design can give you the results you deserve visit our Services page for detailed information.