Interior Design Creates Efficient Spaces – Result #4

Results matter. There are many processes and steps in an interior design project, but at the end of the day, you really want the results that come from those processes and steps. You deserve results. Welcome to my fourth post regarding the results you receive from interior design.


April Force Pardoe Interiors Baltimore Columbia Howard County Maryland Interior Design Results

Efficiency isn’t “sexy” but it’s practical and it should be the goal of every room. Well-utilized rooms make your home work better for you. Think about your kitchen. When your kitchen is designed efficiently you can easily find what you need to cook and prepare a meal. Understanding how you cook and use a room is important information when it comes to designing a kitchen.

Often you have have enough space, it’s just being used inefficiently! Understanding how you live and use a space on a daily basis, through a series of questions and discussions, allows a designer to help you efficiently use the spaces you have.

I needed a small office space designed and April came up with something I could have never imagined myself – it is perfect and makes a very small space seem practical, utilitarian and organized! She also designed a built-in wall unit for our great room for storage and our TV. Everything was perfect.
— Bill & Joyce, Marriottsville

We add in the “fun” (AKA the “pretty”) after the function of a room is set!

If your rooms are not working well for you consider hiring a designer to shape them up!