Interior Design Enhances Quality of Life – Result #3

Results matter. There are many processes and steps in an interior design project, but at the end of the day, you really want the results that come from those processes and steps. You deserve results. Welcome to my third post regarding the results you receive from interior design.


That’s a big claim, right?

April Force Pardoe Interiors Interior Design Results

Time and time again, after a client has a newly designed room — via decor in a living space or renovation in a kitchen — I hear how much better their daily life experience is.

You likely spend A LOT of time in your home. Its design impacts your quality of life. How can it not?

Imagine for a second, a family holiday dinner or romantic evening with a loved one with no tables or chairs to gather around. That wouldn’t make for a very good time.

Researchers of human behavior have become increasingly aware of the benefits of interior design on human interaction and communication. By taking appropriate human space and color requirements into consideration when designing and furnishing a room, people are able to better communicate and bond with one another.

If you have a living room that is rarely used I suggest considering a new furniture layout to encourage conversation and use. If a room is appealing both functionally and visually you will want to use it more. You will spend time enjoying yourself and your company in those rooms.

Could your quality of life use some enhancing? Call a designer!