Going Green With Your Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen appliances and products are changing and updating so quickly. Refrigerators now have screens in the doors so you can watch TV or view your favorite recipes (I love this feature!), ovens are using steam to cook, dishwashers have drawers and faucets come with sensors so you don’t have to touch them to turn the water on or off. And you thought faucets just looked good while providing water, right?

This week we celebrate Earth Day, so I thought I’d focus on a big trend in remodeling — going green.

Almost any product you want your new or remodeled home has an energy-efficient version. Originally some of the products were clunky, cumbersome and just not very ideal. But today’s products are amazingly efficient and quite attractive. If you are working on a kitchen upgrade, no matter how large or small, I encourage you to give me a call or leave a message below to discuss kitchen faucets with a touch of green.

In the home, the use of water is never-ending and the use of an eco-friendly kitchen faucet can be a dollar saver as well as a water saver. When you begin to research green faucets for your kitchen update, there are a couple of design options to consider.

Auto-Shutoff Feature - This faucet turns itself off when you walk away from the sink. You’ve probably seen this type of faucet in a public restroom. If you have your hands full with a heavy soup pot and turn away to put it on the stove, the water will automatically shut off. It’s triggered by sensors, springs or valves that turn the faucet off after a certain period of time.

{Go green while maintaining a modern look in your kitchen. From:  Modenus .}

{Go green while maintaining a modern look in your kitchen. From: Modenus.}

Low-Flow Feature - This feature is similar to those we’ve seen in shower heads for some time. You can install a low-flow aerator on your current faucet that will reduce your water consumption by about 30 percent. But a new faucet makes more sense.

When you research faucets, be sure to look for the gallons per minute (gpm) figure which will tell you how much water flows through the faucet in a minute. A regular faucet is rated at about 4 gpm. Good eco-friendly faucets are rated at 1.5 gpm and should serve your needs very well. You can find them rated as low as .5 gpm, but this may mean waiting too long when you need to fill a sink for dish washing.

When you’re searching for a water saving faucet, you will find all the familiar styles and features that you usually would look for in a faucet. They can be single-handled, two-handled and have soap dispensers and pull out spray heads. While these green faucets can be a little more difficult to repair because of the additional parts they require, and are initially more expensive, the savings in scarce water resources more than compensates.

{A streamlined faucet with green features is a “win-win” for your kitchen. From:  Blanco By Design .}

{A streamlined faucet with green features is a “win-win” for your kitchen. From: Blanco By Design.}

These are just a few of the consideration for selecting the best eco-friendly faucet for your kitchen remodel. I would love for you to contact me to discuss additional ideas for your kitchen upgrade and other ways to go green in your home and protect the environment.

How have you gone green in your kitchen?