Reasons I Love a Swivel Chair

Her Mind Magazine Howard Country Maryland MD Her Decor Column

{The following is my Fall 2015 Her Decor column with HerMind Magazine:}

Do you have a room in your home that has a window with a view? Is it also a fantastic room for spending time with family and friends — and perhaps watching television together? Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to place seating in these rooms, since there are multiple focuses. The right seating can make all of the difference in a room, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Lucky for you, there’s a solution to this design conundrum — a swivel chair! Here’s why you will never regret buying a swivel chair.



Upholstered swivel chairs come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Most rarely look like they swivel. They blend into rooms seamlessly with wonderful functionality.


A swivel chair placed in front of a window allows you to enjoy the view – simply turn and join the conversation or watch TV. A swivel chair in a nursery allows you to move from side to side to easily access items on tables or dropped toys.


Placed in the middle of an open living space, a swivel chair means you can easily talk to people in different groups in the same room or across two rooms. You will never miss a conversation when you sit in a swivel chair.


If you are lucky enough to find a swivel rocker (yes, it swivels and rocks) you will find yourself in the most comfortable chair in the house. A swivel rocker is great for reading a book to a child, enjoying the morning paper or talking with your partner about your day.

The next time you need to purchase new chairs for your home, consider the space and the ways you use it. A swivel chair may be just what you need.