Five Common Decorating Mistakes

The number one thing thing you can do to make your Empty Nest feel and work great is improve your furniture layout. That’s right — furniture placement is such an important part of designing your home because great floor plans set the foundation for everything in your home. 

Empty nest floorpans are a bit different than plans for the other stages in your life because you are using your home in new ways now and you want to ensure all of your needs are met in this stage of life! 

Your floor plans impact your ability to nurture yourself, entertain with confidence and enhance your connections with loved ones. When set up well, your furniture placement can provide you peace of mind for the days and years ahead.

Where you place your furniture determines how you use the rooms in your home, how you entertain and impact your enjoyment of all the rooms in your home.


Does this sound familiar? You’ve raised your babies into thriving adults and they have left the nest! You feel a sense of loss, but also a sense of excitement about what’s next! You dream of a home that’s ready to host friends and family with furnishings that make you proud. 

You long for a clear vision for the next stage of life and what you’ll need, but you’re unsure how to bring your current vision to life, while keeping an eye on the future.

Your home can become a place that makes it easy to nurture yourself and confidently entertain friends and family. It can help you enhance your connections with loved ones and give you peace of mind! 

Life is too short not to thrive and enjoy time with friends and family — is your home ready to support you in these efforts? 

I’ve seen so many rooms that are poorly arranged and not serving the homeowners’ lifestyle and needs. That’s why I created my free guide, The #1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Empty Nest

I know it will help you avoid common mistakes and create an empty nest that’s full of rooms that serve you and enhance this stage of life!


Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in the guide:

Five decorating mistakes Empty Nesters make and solutions for them all!

  1. Placing your furniture against the walls

  2. Using area rugs that are too small for the space

  3. Not creating conversation areas

  4. Not having enough side tables for dropping a drink

  5. Not considering your room’s focal point

As your Designer Bestie, you know I’m going to tell you how to avoid each of these mistakes!

Area rug solution for a bedroom

Download your guide today to begin solving these common mistakes and finding out how your home can be the foundation to support your Empty Nest lifestyle!