Who is Starting a Bathroom Renovation in Baltimore?

I’m sure there are many bathroom renovations going on in Baltimore homes right now, and yesterday I added my name to the list of people taking on a bathroom renovation project. Yep, it’s time to renovate our main floor bathroom and bring it into this decade.

You may think that a bathroom renovation project is easy for me — that as an interior designer I make decisions quickly and know exactly what I want, right? Well, almost!

This is a small bathroom with a shower/tub, commode and a double sink (going from a single sink and tower cabinet to a  much-needed double sink) and nothing is moving, so it’s pretty straight-forward as far as bathrooms go.

I was able to quickly select the cabinets — a light greige color (beigey-grey) with shaker style doors. Everything since that decision has not been quite as easy as I thought it would be. The countertop posed a challenge. I selected a few quartz options (a product that I love for its durability) and my husband didn’t like any of them. Ugh!

Finally I found White Princess, a quartzite product. It resembles marble without the maintenance which is great for a bathroom that will primarily be used by young girls who will become teenagers. (ACK!)

{The White Princess quartzite countertop selected for my bathroom renovation project.}

{The White Princess quartzite countertop selected for my bathroom renovation project.}

These are two big decisions as far as selections go. I now need to finalize the backsplash tile and the floor tile. The shower will have large white rectangular tiles on the walls. I can easily pick tiles to coordinate and I know what I don’t like, my problem is that I like a lot of tiles and find it hard to pick just one!

Wish me luck as I wrap up tile selections this month. I need to have all of my items in before the demolition begins in late August, so I don’t have any time to waste. I don’t recommend beginning a bathroom or kitchen renovation project without having all of your materials in as it can really mess up your timeline and my contractor, Clockwork Builders, will not begin without all items on hand.

I’ll keep you posted as I head out to select my remaining tiles this week. I’ll also share my progress as this Baltimore interior designer takes on a bathroom renovation of her own just as the kiddos head back to school.

Happy renovating!