Create a "She Space” in Your Home

As you enter the empty nest stage I bet you’re excited about what could be and what you can do with all of that T I M E! You may feel a bit unsure because you still feel “stuck” in your “mom/parent” ways of thinking versus fully embracing your new “parent from afar” role and all of the freedom that offers you.

It makes sense that you feel stuck as you haven’t had this freedom for so long and you need space and time to dream of what could be! If you’re ready to figure out what lights you up and how your home can help you, I’ve got an idea for you!

Create a "She Space” in your home.

Creating a space in your home just for you sounds like a great indulgence, doesn’t it? Whether you have an extra bedroom or two ready for a new use, or a living room that is rarely used, you likely have space in your home to create a she space to nurture yourself.

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I know several empty nesters who recently turned a daughter’s room into a fitness room and a living room into a yoga & relaxation room.

What do you wish you had space for in your home? In a room just for you? It can serve multiple needs. For example, a she space for entertaining may be used for book club meetings, drinks with girlfriends or holding volunteer meetings.

It’s time to dream about what a space just for you could be. What could it do for you?


Ideas for your She Space include

  • Sewing/craft room: this room may include a table for sewing or preparing your craft projects, storage for supplies, a comfortable work chair, space to layout sewing patterns or projects, great project lighting and a chaise for taking a break!

  • Painting/pottery room: this room may include shelves and storage for your art supplies and books, an easel, wall space to hang your art, space & equipment to make pottery, lots of natural light and lighting for evening work, a chair to relax in between projects.

  • Podcast recording studio: this office space may include a desk, computer and podcast microphone, inspirational art, inspiring color on the wall, comfortable desk chair and upholstered chair for breaks. Maybe a standing desk for recording? Drapes or other fabric elements for soundproofing the room.

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  • Reading/meditation room: this room may include a comfortable chair or two, or whatever seating you prefer for reading. A great reading light is key! Inspirational quotes on the wall or a shelf for books and photos are also great for this room. If you prefer to meditate on the floor on a cushion included space for that in here too. A relaxing paint color will help create a relaxing mood.

  • Dressing room: this room will be more than a closet, but also a lounge and may include hanging space and drawers/shelves for clothing , dressers, display space for jewels and bags, a full length mirror, hooks for hanging outfits, shoe storage, great lighting, window coverings, with seating for 1 or 2 for relaxing with a glass of wine while planning outfits!

  • Entertainment room: this room can become your ladies lounge and may include upholstered seating for 4 or more, tables for drinks and treasures, lamps, window treatments, art and an area rug to soften the space. It may or may not have a TV or a bar cart. Set it up to serve your girls’ nights and reflect your style!


Let’s look at how you can create a “she space” to help you thrive during your empty nest years!

  • Function first - consider what you would like a room for. Do you want to pursue a new or existing hobby? Have a pretty space to gather with friends? Or do you dream of a room to unwind and relax? Do you love clothes and fashion? Why not turn a bedroom into a beautiful dressing room?

  • Find a room for your new space - an underused living room, kid’s bedroom, attic or other space that’s not serving a real function for you are all possibilities. It may be time to look at the rooms in your home in a new way!

  • Consider what you need to make this space work for you - what furniture, art, window treatments and rugs will make it useful and bring it to life? What do you already have and what do you need to buy to complete the space?

  • Add personal treasures - this is one of my favorite parts of creating a space just for you! Add framed letters from loved ones, favorite pictures, your favorite wall color, plants, hang your favorite art on the walls and display treasures from your life and trips. Things that make you you should be in this room!

  • What not to do - be careful not to create a space that makes you feel obligated to participate in a hobby. You don’t want a room that leads you to feeling guilty that you aren’t using the space. The room should be a source of joy and peace, not obligation! Even if you only use it once a month, it’s still great to create a room that serves a need and enhances your life!

Do you see how your home can really rise up to serve you and your needs with a She Space? I hope you’re dreaming of the possibilities and will take steps to make this space happen in your home. If not now, when?

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