How to Create an Amazing Master Bedroom Closet

Do you find yourself struggling to get dressed in the morning because you can’t find anything in your closet? Or because you have too many clothes that you don’t like, don’t fit or aren’t appropriate for your activities?

An unorganized closet can create a stressful morning and add extra time to your schedule.

{Photo by Alexandra Gorn for Unsplash.}

{Photo by Alexandra Gorn for Unsplash.}


Do you often wear clothing that fits okay versus fits great? Are you tugging at or pulling on your clothes during the day, constantly adjusting? Why do we keep these clothes around? 

If your clothing is uncomfortable you will appear uncomfortable to those around you. It’s distracting and reduces your confidence because instead of focusing on the things you’re supposed to focus on (work, meeting, workout, lunch with a friend), you’re focused on your shirt that’s too snug or pants that are too loose. You want people to pay attention to you, not your ill-fitting clothes.

Imagine opening your closet and only seeing clothes you love, that fit you and that meet your daily needs. Less decisions to make and lots of time and frustration saved!

{Photo by Yasmine Boheas for Unsplash.}

{Photo by Yasmine Boheas for Unsplash.}


With the popularity of the TV show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, many people are viewing their clothes in a new way. Whether you want your clothes to bring you joy (as Marie suggests), or simply fit you and be well-organized, there are a few things you can do to improve your whole experience with your clothes and closet!

  • Edit your clothes down to what really fits you and feels great. Sometimes this tough love exercise is best done with a friend or daughter. If you’re open to letting things go, allow someone else to help you with items you’re on the fence about. Be truthful to yourself about what fits and what doesn’t. When you see a pair of pants do you think “I love wearing those” or “I love the color but they always rub me the wrong way.” To reduce decision time when getting dressed, it may also be time to toss old, worn out items and items you have too many of (how many t-shirts does one person need?).

  • Dress for your body type - if your closet clean out leaves you feeling like you don’t have enough clothes, it may be time to visit stylist for help re-building your wardrobe. Many department stores or boutiques have stylists on staff to help you find items that fit YOU. 

  • Re-organize your closet - if your closet isn’t well-organized for the clothes you have, it will be tough to easily get dressed and put things back. It may be time for a reorganization or a new closet design. There are many closet companies out there that will come to you and design a space around your specific needs (space to store tall boots, suits, gym clothes, long dresses, jewelry drawers) while they are in your home! I promise you that a well-designed closet is a daily game changer.

  • Add a bit of pretty - why not make your closet a bit pretty while you’re at it? Paint the walls a soft, soothing color and add a chandelier if you space allows. If you have a dressing room (hello daughter’s old bedroom!?) consider adding art, a large mirror, a comfortable chair and ottoman. This may become your favorite room! 

When was the last time you considered how your closet and clothing is working for you? When you realize the impact it can have on your life, it may be time to set up a closet and wardrobe that takes you through your Empty Nest years!

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