Create a Guest Room Your Friends Won’t Want to Leave!

Creating a guest room that your guests don’t want to leave should be the goal of every guest room. (Well, you will want your guests to leave eventually!). Now that your nest is empty it may be time to invite some of your old friends to join you for a girls’ weekend! With a lighter schedule you now have time to host college friends from across the country and fill your time enjoying their company.

If your guest room has been an after thought for the last few years, or if you are creating a new guest room in one of your kid’s bedrooms, you will want to follow these steps to set up a welcoming guest room.

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1. Start with the largest item in the room - the bed! Include the biggest bed you can fit in the space. Allow about 30” on one or all sides of the bed for someone to easily get in and out of the bed or maneuver around the end of the bed.

An upholstered fabric headboard in a neutral fabric is a great backdrop for your bed and allows you to keep the space classic and change the color palette over time.

Invest in bed linens that are simple and layered, so that guests aren’t too hot or too cold. Freshly cleaned sheets, a lightweight blanket and heavy blanket and fluffy pillows go a long way toward a good night’s sleep.


2. Include furniture for storage - ideally you’ll have room for 1 or 2 nightstands and a dresser in your guest room. The dresser could be in the closet is space is tight.

Nightstands offer tabletop space for a lamp and essentials like glasses, tissues and medicine. Keep proportion in mind when selecting the size of your nightstands — if you have a Queen bed you’ll want a nightstand that isn’t too puny next to a large bed.

A stylish folding luggage rack is a nice touch for a welcoming guest room. It provides a nice place to unpack and can easily be folded and stored in a closet when not in use. Also closet space with extra hangers invites your guests to settle in rather than live out of their suitcase.

Consider how you can use your walls for storage. Hooks on a wall or over a door are great for hanging jackets, towels or a robe.

3. Add some personality - to make any room feel complete you really need to add wall covering or paint and some art on the walls. These elements go a long way toward creating a feeling in the room. A soft palette can create a soothing, relaxing feeling and a bold color palette creates an energetic and playful feeling. Let your personality shine in this space!

If you have room for a comfortable chair in the room you can use that as an opportunity to add color, pattern or texture to the room, with a pillow and throw for a cozy spot to put on shoes or read a book!

Bedroom Image.png

4. Go the extra mile - Provide a bedside light with a switch (for easy on/off in bed), a charging cord, specially selected magazines and bottled water (or a small water pitcher and glass) to make your guest feel at home. Consider a pretty tray or dish for them to place their keys, earrings and change. Extra touches, such as a scented candle or cozy robe, will help your guests feel right at home.

5. Include tech support - Put your wifi code and print it on pretty paper and insert it into a small frame on the nightstand. Outfitting the room’s outlets with multi-plug and USP adapters allows your guests to readily charge their devices without scrambling or playing musical plugs.

Lastly, write down your home system’s passcodes, for example your alarm or garage door, so that your friends can come and go as they please.

{Share your WiFi password with guests using a framed print. From:  Vivid Bliss .}

{Share your WiFi password with guests using a framed print. From: Vivid Bliss.}

6. Bath essentials - Whether your guests have their own bathroom or share with your family, creating a basket of goodies is a lovely gesture. Place a small basket with sample size shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap in the room or on the bathroom counter. You should also provide towels — two per person is recommended.

When your guests see how much thought you put into their stay they will feel so welcome in your home! Whether your friends come from near or far, spending time with friends for a long weekend is a great way to fill your Empty Nest and your home and guest room are just what you need to enjoy those connections!

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