Room Refresh — your new decorating solution!

Don’t you love new things? We have a new decorating service that we are excited to share! While we really enjoy our full service design projects — taking clients from design and selections, to ordering and installation of complete rooms — sometimes a room doesn’t call for full service design. Some rooms only need a refresh! 

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Do you have a room in your home that is incomplete or needs an update? Maybe you walk by it every day with plans to “pull it together,” but are overwhelmed by the many furniture and decor choices or find it hard to carve out the time to complete the room. We have just the solution for you (and your room!) — a Room Refresh.

Our Room Refresh service includes a space plan, mood board with selections and a detailed shopping list to fully complete the project on your own with online retail sources (click & buy!) — all in two weeks! A Room Refresh is perfect for a room that you want to update on a modest budget. This service is great for a deck that needs to be entertainment-ready, a guest room that hosts special friends and family or your child’s bedroom that’s ready for a new look! 

{A mood board from a past project we did as a Room Refresh before it was an official service.}

{A mood board from a past project we did as a Room Refresh before it was an official service.}

We’ll begin with a consultation in your home to understand your needs and how you want the room to look and feel. We’ll then measure, take pictures and set a budget. Finally, we’ll present the design to you via a Skype meeting, followed by a week of support via email. 

Are you ready to complete that unfinished room in your home so it makes you smile every time you walk by? Let us take your rooms from incomplete to well-designed. 

Contact us today at to schedule your first Room Refresh! Visit our services page for details about all of our design services.

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