Podcast Interview - Our Process to the Pretty!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Job Talk podcast. If you’ve worked with us on a design project, you know there’s a “process to the pretty.” Listen in as I share our design process and how we get inside our clients’ heads to understand what’s important and pretty to them. It’s much more than magic! I also share some project stories and a few tips for anyone just starting a business.

To listen in on my call with Dave and Doug, visit Job Talk!


Congrats to Job Talk on being named a top career podcast by Mac’s List.

About Job Talk podcast

Fun and insightful, Job Talk explores the most unique jobs in America with guests who have remarkable stories to tell. With a combined 200 years of experience in America's themed amusement business Dave, Doug and the team bring a "front-line" meets "corner office" perspective to every conceivable work situation. Listen, laugh and learn!