Planning Your Interior Design Projects

Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions involving interior design projects this year? Planning your interior design projects can be a great way to start the year, if you know how and where to begin. Here are six steps to get you started:

{New furnishings, wall coverings and accessories were on this client’s interior design project wish list. Design by  April Force Pardoe Interiors .}

{New furnishings, wall coverings and accessories were on this client’s interior design project wish list. Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

1. Make a list of the projects you want to complete this year.

Sounds easy, right? But this first step is necessary to make sure you and the other decision maker in your home are on the same page and to make sure you consider all projects.

2. Prioritize the list.

What project is most important and why? List projects in order of importance. Something, after all, has to be first!

3. Set a budget & research.

Consider how much you can invest at this time. Now take some time to research how much this project may cost. This can be done via internet searches (“average cost of medium kitchen remodel in Maryland” or “cost of quality sofa and chairs”), talking to friends who recently completed a project or by browsing stores that carry pieces you’re in search of. Getting a real grasp on current costs will educate you about how realistic your budget is and help to set a baseline.

Map Out Your Next Design Project.png

4. Set a realistic timeline.

Most projects will take longer than you initially think. Furniture and cabinets can take 12 weeks to come in after ordering. Of course before you order anything you need time to select the items and once cabinets come in, there is remodeling time. These pieces vary from project to project, but if you have a general idea upfront about the timeline you can better plan ahead.

5. Contact professionals.

If your projects require an interior designer, architect or contractor, begin asking for references and researching service providers. The earlier you contact a professional for a meeting the better. Remember the timeline? They also have timelines and may not be able to begin your project for a few months.

6. Begin collecting images for inspiration.

Start looking through home magazines, catalogs and websites like Houzz or Pinterest for pictures of homes, rooms, colors, furnishing and pieces you love. These will come in handy when you begin working on your 2016 interior design projects, either on your own or with a professional.

There’s nothing more disappointing to me as an interior designer than getting a call from a prospective client who wants a new living room in 2 months. There’s no way that is going to happen! When planning interior design projects it’s better to plan too far ahead of time or have loose deadlines. With a little planning, you could be on your way to a new home this year!


Are you ready to create spaces that enhance connections with loved ones and provide you peace of mind for the days and years ahead?