My Thirteen Favorite Holiday Decor Items

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, there are many items you can use to make your home festive. Below are my 13 favorite holiday decor items, listed in no particular order. Happy holiday decorating!

1. Evergreens – one of my favorite items to decorate with in the winter are fresh evergreens. The smell, the shapes and the texture. It’s the perfect compliment to any decor style. Mix colors and textures to keep things interesting.

2. Lights – I love the sparkle created by the lights around the house. String white lights around any display to add a glow to your decor.

3. Glass containers  – these are great for many things. When filled with lights, greens, ornaments, pinecones or candles you have instant decor!

4. Candles – candles are great for decorating any time of year and now you can even use the faux flame candles to keep things on the safe side. Select a favorite color in a variety of sizes for a sophisticated look.

5. Ornaments – whether your color scheme is monochromatic (using all of the same color ornaments) or you like to use pretty pinks, blues and purples for your holiday decor, ornaments are a great way to show your style! Depending on what you pair them with, they are traditional, modern or playful. They are not just for having on the tree!

{Kitchen whimsy, evergreens, silver and ornaments!}

{Kitchen whimsy, evergreens, silver and ornaments!}

6. Metallic containers – I love adding sparkle to my holiday decor (see #2!). An easy way to do this is with metallic pieces. Gold and silver (or any other metal) containers are great for filling with the other items on my favorite decorating items list (fresh greens, ornaments, candle and lights!)

For a striking display, arrange a few different metallic pieces on a buffet or mantle and fill with similar items. The more the merrier; grouping items always creates a greater impact, so hit the attic and grab all of your grandmother’s silver and get busy! And, don’t be afraid to mix metals.

{All that glitters is gold! A monochromatic holiday display is always appealing/}

{All that glitters is gold! A monochromatic holiday display is always appealing/}

7. Ribbon – Ribbon adds softness and color to most displays. It also adds an organic shape because you can twist and turn it to create “movement” in your decor. There are so many options available so the sky is the limit when it comes to selection. A ribbon with wire edges allows you to best arrange the ribbon in any shape you want.

8. Candy – we’re all just kids at heart, so it’s no wonder candy appears on my holiday decorating list! I love wrapped candies in glass containers—they are instantly festive. To make an interesting display stack various sized cake stands and add mini glasses to each level and fill them all with various candies.

9. Pinecones – I love pinecones because they add such great texture and shape to holiday decor. Whether you collect them from your yard or buy them in a craft store, have some on hand to add that something extra to your decor.

10. Sparkly garland or beads – If your home can’t sparkle at the holidays, when can it sparkle? A great way to add sparkle is with sparkly garland or beads. When in doubt add garland or beads to dress up a display! I like the look of white sparkly garland under a display as it resembles snow.

11. Bells – bells are somewhat obvious with their jingle sound, but their shine and shape also appeal to me. My grandmother used to hang a garland of silver bells over a door way in her house and now I have that strand. I use it in different ways each year, but it always says “holiday” to me.

12. Mirrors – I love mirrors for the same reason I love bells – the sparkle factor. When placed properly they reflect light and create shine. I love them used as trays to hold candles, silver and glass containers. You can also embellish your existing mirrors by hanging swags or wreaths in front of them.

13. Faux snow – snow is so pretty, why wouldn’t you want to bring some indoors for the holidays? Toss some on your shelves, around displays, in glass containers or on a tray. Instant winter!

I hope this list of my favorite holiday decor items gets your creative decorating juices flowing!