Improve Your Bedroom Lighting

As you spend more time inside during the cold months (it’s quite chilly her in Maryland now) you need to surround yourself with great lighting to waken your spirits and create a pleasing home. Bedroom lighting is a great place to begin revamping your lighting.

Your bedroom lighting serves many purposes. You need lighting to help you see your clothes so you can put together great outfits. You need to see your dresser to find the best finishing touches for those great outfits. You may like to read in bed so great bedside lighting is key and finally, you may want to be able to set a certain mood in the room sometimes, so dimmers are a must!

{This bedside lamp looks great is this bold bedroom. From  HGTV .}

{This bedside lamp looks great is this bold bedroom. From HGTV.}

Let’s take a look at each area and the type of lighting that might work best for your bedroom lighting.

BEDSIDE LIGHTING – Generally the lighting next to your bed is functional for reading or illuminating you bedside table and its contents. If your table is small a hanging pendant might be a good solution to free up space. If you like to read you may want both a lamp to illuminate and a swing arm light on the wall that you can point toward your reading.

GENERAL AMBIENT LIGHTING – You need some overhead bedroom lighting that you can turn on with a switch when you walk in. This lighting can be a chandelier, recessed lighting or a combination of the two. These lights should always have a dimmer so you can control the lighting.

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CHANDELIER – if your room is large enough to have a large light fixture in the center of your bedroom, a chandelier can set the mood and style for the room. It can be modern, fancy, or colorful. It will be a focal point so select a fixture that makes you smile!

TASK LIGHTING – Your closet and dressers should be well-lit so you can get ready for you day. This can be achieved in the closet with great overhead lights and sconces and a lamp on your dresser. Recessed lights, placed strategically, can also help with this area of bedroom lighting.

When selecting lamps, chandeliers and sconces, consider the overall feeling you want in the room. Romantic and relaxing? Soft colors and textures will help achieve this look. Bold and inviting? Hard lines and crisp colors will work well for this look.

{This swing arm sconce is both functional and decorative lighting. Design by  April Force Pardoe Interiors .}

{This swing arm sconce is both functional and decorative lighting. Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

Mixing metals in light fixtures – brass and bronze for example – is fine. Think of it as mixing colors. It’s also nice to use the same finish in your bedroom lighting fixtures — this will create a cohesive feeling in your room, especially if your bedroom is on the smaller side. When it comes to mixing metal finishes it’s a matter of taste and the feeling you want to create in your room.

Is it time to give your bedroom lighting an overhaul? Sometimes you can swap out old fixtures with new for a feeling and sometimes you need to install new lighting and need the help of an electrician to make those updates. If you are ready to improve your bedroom lighting but are unsure where to start, contact me tto get your bedroom lighting on the right track!


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