What Are Your Priorities in Life?

As the holidays approach it’s time to begin reflecting on the New Year and your priorities for next year. I’m not talking about resolutions, which can be great (if you stick with them!), I’m talking about an overall theme or important aspect of your life that you want to focus on or improve next year. There’s something about Jan. 1 that feels like a fresh start full of possibilities!

pri·or·i·ty: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important

synonyms: prime concern, first concern, most important consideration, most pressing matter, matter of greatest importance, primary issue, precedence, greater importance, preference, precedency, preeminence, first/highest place

Is this your year you want to finally travel to a destination on your bucket list? Or maybe you’re ready to take on some personal development challenges via a conference you’d like to attend (maybe hosted in a beautiful destination?!).

Is it time to make your relationships with your friends a priority this year with regular lunch dates or group dinners? Or have you always wanted to introduce (or bring back) Sunday dinner with your extended family?

Thinking about what’s important to you for the new year helps you put a plan in place to make sure they happen! As a designer I like to focus on how your home can support your priorities. Here’s what I mean.

April Force Pardoe Interiors Roland Park Baltimore Howard County Maryland Artwork Gallery Wall

If travel is a priority to you next year you may want a great space to display the fabulous photos you take while away. Designing a photo gallery to showcase your photos is a wonderful way to relive your trip long after you return. It’s also a great way to share a bit about yourself when you host company. Imagine reliving your trip through the stories you will share with others!

If personal development is your priority for next year consider what you need for your development. Will you be doing a lot of reading? Taking online courses? Reviewing course material after a trip? Beginning a meditation practice? If you have space in your home to support that development you will probably enjoy it more and be more likely to spend time on it. A comfortable chair and lamp for reading would be great for getting through new books.

An office space where you can organize your course materials or participate in online courses with some peace and quite would go a long way toward productivity!
April Force Pardoe Interiors Dining Room Interior Design Howard County Maryland

Relationships are all about connections. If you will be hosting lunches with friends more next year does your kitchen and/or dining area have the space and functions you need to comfortably entertain? Would a few simple updates make those lunches even better? How about Sunday dinner with family? Consider where you’d host that and what you need to make it fun and easy on you! 

You may want to hang out with your family after dinner in your living or family room. Do you have enough seating and is it arranged well to support great conversations? Is your lighting adequate for entertaining groups? If game nights are are on the agenda do you have table where you can set up and leave games out? Maybe there’s a corner in a space that can hold a table and a few chairs to make those game nights even better.

No matter your priority, it’s amazing how your home can be an ally in your efforts!
April Force Pardoe Interiors Living Room Family Room Basement Interior Design Howard County Maryland

These are just a few examples of priorities you may have for the new year. As you consider what’s important to you in the new year, consider how your home can be improved to enhance your life, what you love doing and how you do it. The improvements can be anything from new dinnerware for family dinners, framed photos for a gallery wall, new furnishing for your office to remodeling your kitchen!

My gift to you this holiday season is permission and encouragement to create a home that supports you! I have a great free guide that will help you improve the rooms in your home, “The Designer Bestie’s Guide to Dress Your Empty Nest.” Download it here today and find a comfortable chair and your favorite drink and enjoy!