Kids' Bedroom Decor

Her Mind Magazine

{The following is my Summer 2017 Her Decor column with HerMind Magazine:}

A child’s bedroom decor can be so cute and sweet. There’s a temptation to deck out your little one’s entire space with baby themes because, well, you are in baby infatuation mode. I get it, but I’d like to encourage you to think more long term when it comes to decorating your child’s room.

First, littleness is over in a scant few years and children’s tastes and likes change rapidly, sometimes in directions far from your own. Second, making major updates to your kid’s room every three or four years is both time-consuming and expensive. Finally, a neutral backdrop for colorful accents is really the ideal way to decorate a room.

Here are a few tips to design a room that will grow with your child.


Use “grown up” lighting fixtures. A ceiling fixture and table lamp are great places to splurge on items that will last for years. A neutral woven drum shade or pretty chandelier will add a nice touch to any room even as it transitions.


Use whimsical, child-like pillows and art–these items aren’t going to be around forever and will add a wonderful youthful touch to any room. Swap out the art and pillow covers as your child’s interests change.


Keep the wall color fairly neutral so it won’t distract from whimsical pieces you add to and remove from the space over time. Paint one wall with chalkboard or magnetic paint (You can even do this in the same color as the wall paint). Your child will appreciate this feature through many stages (scribbling or learning to write letters now, creating masterworks of art, puzzling through math problems or displaying photos of friends later).



Use classic designs like stripes, polka dots and chevron patterns to bridge the gap between youthful and mature. These patterns work well on area rugs, curtains, bedding and even walls.


Display books and stuffed animals as art. Colorful books and toys will add a lovely child¬like feel to room.

Have fun with your kid’s room décor–after all, every room should have a bit of whimsy.