Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Task, ambient and decorative lighting all work together within your home and they each have a place in your porch or patio, just the same. Like a three-part harmony, these basic types of lighting create a desired ambiance and enhance your space’s functionality. Also, fixtures are another avenue with which to display your style, tying your design altogether. Illuminate your exteriors with a few tips from my outdoor lighting outline.


Table lamps adorn your indoor end tables and floor lamps fill nooks and crannies, so let’s approach out outdoor spaces in a similar fashion. Home accents retailer, Surya, manufacturers products with potential weather wear and tear in mind. Their outdoor lighting line boasts acrylic bases and shades, as well as bulb and socket glass shields to keep Mother Nature’s elements at bay. 

{From:  Surya .}

{From: Surya.}

String lights

Put your canopies, pergolas and railings to work with a set of string lights. A cut above the Christmas edition, string lights help set the stage for an after dark occasion. Excellent if you’re entertaining, or perhaps just a romantic night for two, this form of decorative outdoor lighting adds an air of whimsy to your space. Not to mention, they’re an incredibly inexpensive option that’s easy to set up and take down.

{From  Bothy Blue .}

{From Bothy Blue.}


Create an outdoor focal point by hanging a chandelier, providing a comfortable level of ambient light for activities such as cooking or dining. During the day a chandelier poses as a visually appealing element and after sundown it encourages you to continue enjoying the great outdoors; a win-win in my book. I also find them to be especially charming when hung beneath a pergola or canopy.

{From:  Pottery Barn .}

{From: Pottery Barn.}


Dual purpose, candles serve as both a form of decorative outdoor lighting and as an accent within your design scheme. Make a glowing statement with a cluster of candles, for example as a centerpiece on your dining table. Or, line your patio’s walkway or porch’s staircase with candle-filled lanterns, implementing them in a more functional manner. For the same effect without the fire hazard, opt for the battery operated versions.

Functional fixtures

We’ve talked fun, now let’s get into functional. Affix wall sconces or flush-mounts adjacent to your door frame, brightening your entrance and exit. No need to fumble in around in the dark. Illuminate your outdoor living space’s pathway or area with ground or deck lights, creating a safe space for you and guests. Solar powered options make sure you don’t skip a beat as the sun sets.

{From:  Plow & Hearth .}

{From: Plow & Hearth.}

Put one or two of these lighting types to use this season, creating a sensational space. My designer for a day package is an excellent service option if you’re in need of a professional eye to enhance your outdoor lighting plan. Together we can work towards putting the finishing touches on your outdoor living space!