The drink drop table

Drink Drop Table /drɪŋk/ /drɒp/ /ˈteɪ bəl/ (noun)

A petite, accent table, often placed next to a sofa or chair, intended to offer a convenient location to set down a libation or to display home accessories.

 {Round Brass C Table by  CB2 .}

{Round Brass C Table by CB2.}

A drink drop table is an excellent option for you if you’re in search of a side table but are short on space. Aside from fitting the space well, they’re also equally functional. Drink drop tables are easy to move around a room and can tuck away into nooks. Their movability makes for a great feature when entertaining, too; shuffle your table over to a conversational space, offering your guests a place to set down a plate or beverage.

 {Lionel table by  Madegoods .}

{Lionel table by Madegoods.}

Just because they are pint-sized certainly does not mean that you have to sacrifice style in your search, either. There is surely something for you in the market’s mix, with designs offered in an array of aesthetics and in various price points. Unique and sculptural or perhaps a bold color or finish, drink drop tables are the perfect piece to exercise your creativity and push the personality envelope.

 {All Clear table by  Caracole .}

{All Clear table by Caracole.}

 Addison Tray Table by  Ballard Designs .}

Addison Tray Table by Ballard Designs.}

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