Winter 2015 Her Decor: Give Your Garage an Overhaul

{The following is my November/December 2015 Her Decor column with HerMind Magazine:}

Is it time to update your garage so it’s up to the standards you’ve set inside your home? You most likely enter and exit your garage several times a day, so it should be a pleasant, clean and organized space. Overhauling your garage is not a small job, but if done right, can make a huge impact on your daily life for years to come. Here are some tips to begin the project.

First, begin by taking everything out of your garage and sorting items into “keep,” “donate,” “return” and “toss” piles. In the “keep” pile, decide what will stay in the garage and what can be stored elsewhere. Your neighbor probably doesn’t remember loaning you her shovel last fall, but it’s time to take it out of the “return” pile and give it back!

Now that you know what will remain in the garage, it’s time to determine the best storage options and where to place them. Consider easily accessible storage for things you use regularly and higher, out-of-the way spots (such as hanging from the ceiling) for items used infrequently. Hiring an organizer to assist you with storage needs and placement may be worth the investment to get this part right from the beginning.


A great way to update the garage is to improve the floor. An epoxy paint or a garage floor mat will prevent wear and protect the floor from stains. Next, consider painting the walls white or a light, neutral color so that everything is fresh before you bring in your storage solutions.

Now that everything is organized, consider how you can personalize the space. Yes, it’s a garage, but you are in there every day so why not make it your own? You could display a collection of car-themed items or affix a custom wall decal. A wall of license plates, hub caps or car posters might be right at home.

Make sure you have enough lighting in the garage if you use it for more than just parking. If the garage is a wood shop or work station, install proper overhead lighting.

Finally, consider painting the door into your house or yard a fun color. Maybe your favorite car color? Or a bright, sunny yellow to greet you after a long workday?

Coming home just got even better!

April Pardoe