Shop Your Home to Update Your Decor

{The following is my September/October 2016 Her Decor column with HerMind Magazine:}

Do you have many great accessories in your home but are a bit tired of seeing them in the same spots year after year? Do you want to create a new look without buying anything new? An updated look is easy to achieve by using what you already have – it just takes some magical thinking. Here’s how!

1) Collect all of your favorite accessories from around the house and place them on one large table in groups. For example, all books in one area, vases in another and pictures in another. Repeat with all of your treasures.

2) Consider pulling items from other rooms to include in this staging area. A favorite mirrored box in your bedroom might look great in your dining room.

3) Go through cabinets, closets or storage room to bring out pieces you haven’t used in a while. It might be time to bring a few out of hiding and into your home.

{Custom painted cabinet by  Lenehan Studios . Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

{Custom painted cabinet by Lenehan Studios. Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

4) Select an area to begin decorating (mantle, entry table) and “shop” your staging area for items. Consider grouping pieces by color or theme to get you started.

5) Start with the largest piece (lamp or tall decorative container) and work around that, building the display in varying degrees of height.

6) Mix textures. A table with many glass vases would benefit from a piece of driftwood to add texture to shiny pieces.

7) Once one area is complete, move on to the next. Don’t go back and pull items, try to get the best display you can and move on.

8) Live with the new look for a few days and edit as needed. Sometimes taking one piece away makes all the difference.


Think about displaying everyday things in new ways. A decorative necklace that you rarely wear might look great in a lovely dish on an entry table. Frame a treasured note to display where you’ll see it every day. The idea is to surround yourself with pieces you love – in places where they will be noticed.