Functional Storage for Your Small Entryway

Despite its common bitesize blueprint, your foyer serves a purpose equally as important as any other space within your home. It greets you after a day at the office and welcomes your friends and family upon arrival. It may only be a transient space, but having the necessary storage utilities in place can help to keep your family organized. Read on for a few of my tips for creating functional storage in your small entry way. 

A welcoming wall

When devising functional storage in your small entryway, I encourage you not to sacrifice style in the process. Your foyer is, after all, where you likely greet your guests and it offers them a first impression of your home. Rightfully so, it should look the part! Aim to add functional elements to your wall space, such as hook racks or wall cabinets, that aren’t purely practical. Take the time to find pieces that match your home’s aesthetic so your entryway seamlessly blends in with the adjacent spaces.

{From:  Ballard Designs .}

Console table

To keep your small personal belongings in a central location, rather than haphazardly scattered about your home, consider a console table. Available in all depths and widths, there is surely a solution to add some functional storage in your small entryway. Purchase a piece the offers drawer space to keep your keys, sunglasses and other grab-and-go items tucked away. Best of all, console tables offer you excellent tabletop space for accessorizing.

{From:  Horchow .}

{From: Horchow.}

Closet systems

If your goal is to help your coat closet clutter find a proper home, than a closet system can help. Shelves give you space for bins or baskets to house loose, hard to hang items like umbrellas, scarves or hats. Take advantage of your doors’ vertical space by mounting hooks for handbags or shoe organizers. If you have little ones, retrofit a dresser or nightstand inside to provide accessible drawer storage for each child. Last but not least, install adjustable clothing racks that allow you to rearrange your space as seasons, and their respective gear, change.


Continuing the conversation about custom built-ins from my previous post {maximizing space in your laundry room}, they are an excellent option for adding functional storage in your small entryway. Under-stair storage is definitely a job to leave for the professionals so the structure and support of your stairs isn’t compromised during construction, but imagine the sizable space you can gain from this investment. Say sayonara to tripping over shoes or backpacks, keep the clutter under your staircase!

{From  Houzz , by  Ben Herzog .}

{From Houzz, by Ben Herzog.}

As an interior designer, my primary job is to help homeowners design homes they’re happy to come home to. Your home’s foyer is the first space to greet you, and your guests, so happiness should start at the front door. If you’d like any assistance in creating functional storage in your small entryway, along with tackling any other design dilemmas, please reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you.