Creating the Master Bedroom Closet of Your Dreams

Your master bedroom closet works best for you if it’s organized to help you take on your day. A little beauty never hurt the morning routine either! Jennifer Holder, owner of Cornerstone Closets, answered a few of our questions about the features and benefits of creating the closet of your dreams. Enjoy!

{Master bedroom closet system by  Cornerstone Closets .}

{Master bedroom closet system by Cornerstone Closets.}

• Custom organization systems are great for many rooms throughout the home (garage, laundry, etc.), but what makes them particularly appealing for a bedroom? 

The increased amount of space that you will have for clothes. With double hang sections, you double the amount of hanging space in the closet. Depending on the size of the closet, we can install a system that includes drawers that eliminates the need for a bulky dresser in the bedroom. With a custom closet system, your clothes will be much more organized. You will find that you will wear clothes that you forgot you had when they are organized better.

• What are some new features or decorative elements offered? 

We offer pull out belt racks, tie racks, and valet rods. We can install baskets and pull out hampers. We have jewelry tray inserts for drawers and we can install a lock on those. For homes with high ceilings, we can install pull down wardrobe rods. We offer a 2mm edgebanding on our product which give it a more durable finish. We also offer slow close slides and hinges.

• What is the average length of the process, from conception to completion?

Our lead time from the time we sign a contract to installation is about 4 weeks.

{Master bedroom closet system by  Cornerstone Closets .}

{Master bedroom closet system by Cornerstone Closets.}

• How can homeowners best prepare for this type of project?  

In the planning stages, I would say know what you have and know how you like to treat everything. Are you more of a hanger or a folder? Will you need drawers? Do you have a lot of shoes and purses? Once you decide to go ahead with the closet project, have a staging area for your closet contents. Depending on the size of the closet, we will complete the install in 1-2 days. However, I always recommend that my customer get rid of the old closet system themselves. We do offer a tear out service, but we do it on the day of install. If you get rid of it yourself, then it’s an opportunity to paint the closet – which unless it’s a new construction or remodel, does not get a fresh cost of paint very often. 

{We love the idea of repainting your closet before a new system goes in. It’s a chance to add your favorite color the walls and ceiling!}

• What are some common mistakes that homeowners make when approaching a custom closet? 

Under-budgeting is the biggest mistake. For a basic system, we estimate $100-150 per linear foot. Once you start adding drawers it’s closer to $200/LF and upwards from there depending on the upgrades that are added. A closet system is not as expensive a remodel as a kitchen, but it is not an inexpensive product by any means.

•Does a custom organization system add value to a home?  

I believe that it does. It’s definitely an upgrade over the wire systems that are in many homes. It’s an upgrade that can add value while not being as expensive as a kitchen or bathroom project.

{We love the value a custom closet brings to your every day life! An organized morning makes for an enjoyable start to your day.}