Improve Your Bedroom with Area Rugs

Area rugs make for an excellent accessory in your bedroom’s design. Whether one is placed atop hardwood floors for function, used to define an ensuite sitting area or laid simply as a styling element, an area rug is a great way to play around with your floor covering’s potential. If you’re aiming to incorporate a bedroom area rug, here are a few of my styling suggestions.

Master Bedroom Retreat Worksheet Graphic.png

For a proper under-the-bed approach, your area rug should extend at least 12-18 inches beyond your bed frame. This easy to remember rule of thumb will keep your pieces proportionate, helping to prevent your rug from getting lost underneath your bed.

{From:  West Elm .}

{From: West Elm.}

Smaller squares or runners are best for framing the sides or foot of your bed. Let a cushy accent rug greet your feet when crawling into or out of bed. {your toes will thank you on a cold day!} Larger area rugs, those breaking the bounds of our 12 -18” guideline, help to unify an oversized or uniquely laid out bedroom by canvassing excess floor space. 

{From:  Surya .}

{From: Surya.}

{From:  Perennial Rugs .}

Aside from anchoring your bed in a room, an area rug can be used to define a separate, functional space such as a sitting area or workstation. Breaking up a larger bedroom into smaller nooks creates a more intimate, cozy atmosphere. A floor covering that allows all the legs of your furniture to sit atop will give the illusion of a larger space. A smaller piece can accentuate this separate space with color, pattern or texture. 

{From:  Safavieh .}

{From: Safavieh.}

{From:  My Domaine .}

{From: My Domaine.}

If your bed is dressed in solid linens, placing a colorful or textured area rug underneath adds visual interest and gives you an opportunity to play around with patterns and prints. In a room with hardwood flooring, look at an area rug as a functional feature. It helps to muffle footsteps and creates a cozy feeling. On the other hand, if your bedroom is adrift in a sea of wall-to-wall carpeting, use an area rug to visually break up the space. Also, don’t be afraid to layer area rugs of different sizes and textures atop one another.

{From:  Jaipur Living .}

{From: Jaipur Living.}

{From:  Lulu & Georgia .}

Area rugs are another layer on the interior design cake. Incorporating one in your bedroom can add dimension to the space, bring a functional element to the table and help create a cohesive, put-together design picture. Above and beyond selecting the right color or pattern, a rug’s materials, pile and size are all components to consider.

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