Shower Design Ideas

Small design details, from the type of tile selected to the fixtures installed, can elevate your shower from standard to show-stopping. New products and technologies are introduced every year in the kitchen and bath world. Here are a few of my top shower wows, including some unique design ideas that may inspire your next bathroom project. 

Etched Glass

Glass doors provide a clean, sophisticated finish to your shower surround, not to mention they are low maintenance and highly durable. In most cases, I prefer a glass door to a curtain however you as the homeowner may prefer the privacy that a curtain offers. Now we have the perfect shower wow for your privacy plunder, an etched glass door. This embellishment is not only decorative but functional as well, so you know it’s a win-win design decision in my book. Options are endless form simplistic etched panels to ornate works of art.

{From:  Creative Mirror .}

Geometric Tile

Break free from the boxy world of square and rectangular tiles and embrace more unique shapes for your project. Hexagon, fish scale and diamond shapes are making quite the trendy splash in bathroom these days. Geometric tiles add elements of movement, texture and visual interest to your space, taking it from bland to bubbly faster than your grout can dry. Add more of a statement to this shower wow factor with an eye-catching color palette, pattern or finish such as iridescence or gradation.

{From:  Emily Henderson .}
{From:  Cote de Texas .}

{From: Cote de Texas.}

Recessed Shower Heads

Flush mounted into your ceiling, a recessed shower head is an excellent space saver for showers light on square footage and is a fitting option if you have a more minimalist sense of style. As if the skies open up to your own personal rain cloud, this type of fixture adds a spa-like element, too. Great, if you’re the type that looks to their shower as a serene and soothing retreat. Some models are equipped with embedded LED lighting and others offer a remote control option, truly a shower wow.

{From:  Houzz .}

{From: Houzz.}

{From:  Cocoon .}

{From: Cocoon.}

I hope that some of these shower wows have helped to serve as inspiration, getting your creative juices flowing. If you’re considering partnering with professional to tackle your bathroom project, but aren’t quite sure where to begin with the process, visit my FAQ page to answer your preliminary questions.