Vacation Home Themes

When it comes to designing your recreational residence, be it a seaside escape or a cabin in the woods, it may naturally take on a theme given its locale. Staying true to your personal style, there are certain elements that you can implement to craft a fitting space. Here are some ideas for creating a stylish theme for your vacation home.

Coastal haven

To bring a coastal theme to the surface in your beach house, start with your color palette. Bring the sand dunes and rolling waves inside with combinations of neutrals, soft blues and cool greens. Emphasize a light and airy feeling in your space, worthy of a wafting salty ocean breeze, with light or white-washed wood finishes on your floor or furniture. Tie texture into your stylish theme’s design plan with accents of rope, driftwood, shells and weathered patina. Porthole mirrors, lantern-esque light fixtures and ocean life artwork make for natural fits with your seaside theme.

{From:  Birch Lane .}

{From: Birch Lane.}

{From:  House Beautiful .}

Woodland hideaway

A mountain getaway calls for rustic and rich touches. When creating a stylish theme for your lodge, dare to go dark with earthy colors like rusty reds, bark browns and mossy greens. Shop for wooden pieces that show a lot of character in the grain and fixtures with a brushed or antique metal finish to fit the rustic effect bill. For a quintessential cozy cabin feel, entertain exposed beams, leather upholstery, plaid or checkered textiles and uber plush pillows and blankets. Your local antique shop or flea market is a great place to hunt for authentic accessories to adorn your mantles, tabletops and walls.

{From:  This Old House .}
{From:  HGTV .}

{From: HGTV.}

Tropical retreat

If your travels take to you a tropical paradise, let the warmth and sunshine inspire your stylish theme. Play with bold and punchy colors on your walls and find accents, such as tabletop accessories and wall art, to carry your palette throughout the room. Incorporating metallic accents adds a little luxe to the space, and offers surfaces to reflect the sunshine! To elevate your theme further, minimal and modern furnishings with clean lines, reminiscent of the art deco era, work well in this setting. If you’re aiming for an island vibe, dress your windows with woven bamboo or wooden blinds or shop for pieces made of rattan or wicker.

{From:  LuLu and Georgia .}
{From:  Made Goods .}

{From: Made Goods.}

Small town sanctuary

When approaching a stylish theme like “small town sanctuary” think ornate, think embellishments and most of all, think charm. Destinations such as Cape May or Charleston, quaint, historic towns with an estate-like feel, inspire bright, pastel color palettes and classic details. A printed or patterned wallpaper is almost a must, emphasizing your home’s character. Shop for pieces with traditional design details, suggestive of a cozy bed and breakfast, like four-poster bed frames, tufted arm chairs or elaborate dressing mirrors. Simple rocking chairs for your porch and wrought iron garden benches for your patio are the perfect complements to your “Main Street USA” theme.

{From:  One Kings Lane .}
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Furnishing and accessorizing your vacation home should be a fun {and foolproof!} pursuit now that you have a tool belt stocked with tips. For more ideas to implement in your home away from home, contact me. My Designer for a Day package is the perfect plan to help you brainstorm and browse, we can work together to bring your vacation home’s stylish theme to life.