Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room

Like the backstage area to a Broadway musical, our laundry rooms may not see the spotlight but their function is essential to our homes’ everyday performance. When undertaking the design elements for a small utility space, it all comes down to the details. With a few of my professional tips, it’ll be a fresh, cottony breeze to maximize space in your laundry room.

Think up, not out

One mistake that homeowners commonly make is focusing their space planning outward along the floor space and not upward, taking advantage of the real estate your walls offer. Remember the video game Tetris? Apply the same puzzle-like concept to your laundry room’s walls, looking at them just like a blank game board. Piecing together wall-mounted utilities and accessories can help to keep the clutter to a minimum and overall maximize space in your laundry room. Accordion drying racks, retractable clothes lines and wall-mounted folding tables or ironing boards are just a few of the options worth considering during your design planning.


Continuing the vertical conversation, let’s talk stackables. Even if you have the space to spread out with top-load appliances, opting for a front-loading stacking washer and dryer set leaves you floor square footage for organization accessories like rolling carts, modular storage or the space to install a utility sink. Also, consider stackable laundry baskets to keep your clothes in the cleaning queue contained. To further maximize space in your laundry room, look into cabinetry to surround your stackables, just like a refrigerator in your kitchen!

{ Ash Grove Court  laundry room remodel design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

{Ash Grove Court laundry room remodel design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}


Custom cabinetry

When it comes to design and space planning “one size fits all” does not always, well, fit. Ready-made cabinets are manufactured in a variety of standard sizes with standard inserts, however the stock interior may not best meet your needs to maximize space in your laundry room. The word custom can sometimes scare homeowners due to potential cost and production time, but I encourage you to consider this route if it means meetings your needs in the most efficient and quality manner. Custom cabinetry can offer options like built-in hampers, drawers to help organize small items like clothespins or dryer sheets and even a pull-out folding table.  

If you have would like to maximize space in your laundry room but need a designer’s touch, I would be happy to help! Feel free to contact me so we can discuss how to expertly outfit and enhance the functionality of your room.