Material Trends for Your Bathroom

Spring is officially in full swing, and naturally, it’s the season where people itch to do away the “old” and usher in the new. Whether it’s spicing up your wardrobe with new styles, testing out a new do or opting for some updates in your home, this time of year is all about adopting the latest trends. If renovating a bathroom is on your upcoming project agenda, you’re in luck, because today I’m chatting about new material trends for your bathroom project.

Matte black

Matte black hardware and fixtures may seem a bit bold, but I encourage you to embrace this new material trend with an open mind. It is like the chameleon in the forest of finishes, adapting to essentially any style from industrial chic to clean and contemporary. To balance the density of the matte black and avoid a heaviness in the space, opt for countertops, cabinetry and utilities in light or neutral finishes. Integrate color by way of bath rugs, wall decor and accessories. For an edgier effect fitting of a modern aesthetic, consider a sleek, monochromatic palette of white, black and shades of gray for your bathroom. Carry this color scheme through coordinating light fixtures and mirrors, tile selections and bath linens for a comprehensive design plan.

{From:  Studio McGee }

{From: Studio McGee}

Integrated lighting

It may not be a “material trend” in the true sense of the word, but integrated lighting is an innovative technology improving the functionality of bathrooms everywhere. Mirror and medicine cabinet models are now designed to incorporate task lighting to help you with everyday efforts like personal grooming or makeup application. This isn’t to say that you should ignore ambient lighting when designing your space, i.e. sconces or vanity fixtures, but rather the task lighting aids you in performing, well, tasks! My main mission as an interior designer is to help you design a home that is both stylish and functional, and product knowledge of new trends is a key component of my expertise. 

{From:  Kohler. }

{From: Kohler.}

Brushed gold accents

Step aside nickel and sayonara bronze, brushed gold is one of the new material trends finding its way into a bathroom near you. Accents in a brushed gold finish are a far cry from the polished versions popularized in the 80s and 90s. Like its matte black cousin, this hot hardware and fixture finish can assume nearly any style identity. If you have an eclectic taste, pair this classic material with character-infused elements like fanciful wallpaper, embellished tiling or a colorful claw-foot tub. In an all-white space, brushed gold finishes look truly striking and utterly classic. Accessorize with items that include the same metallic hue like decorative trays, bud vases, candles and coordinate sets. 

{From:  Decor Pad }

{From: Decor Pad}

{From:  InteriorZine .}

{From: InteriorZine.}

To chat about bringing today’s material trends into your bathroom, feel free to contact me. As an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD), certified by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, I’m happy to offer you help with your product selection, space planning, materials and finishes.