Go Big in a Small Powder Room

You may only pay your small powder room brief visits, but that doesn’t minimize the need to add your personal touch to this space or push the creative envelope. It’s a great space to have a little fun and do something unexpected. Here are a few ways to visually increase this commonly small space and how to showcase your style in the process.

Succinct storage.

Opt for a small, single sink vanity cabinet in place of a pedestal sink. You may not be in need of abundant storage to tuck away your stock of toiletries or hair appliances here, but someplace convenient to stash an extra box of tissues or rolls of bath tissue can help keep your home organized. If you aren’t looking to swap out your pedestal sink but would like to add some storage to your small powder room, consider adding niche cabinetry inside your walls. Take advantage of the space between your drywall’s studs, with custom built-ins. Add a door that blends in well to the wall for a secret hideaway or create a punchy panel if you prefer it to stand out.

{From:  This Old House .}

Paint, paper and personality.

As I mentioned earlier, a small powder room is the optimal space to exercise your creativity. I encourage you to go big with bold wallpaper or an eye-catching color. Show this small space what your personality is made of. Also, to help create the illusion of a higher ceiling in your pint-sized powder room, apply the same color on your ceiling as your walls. Take it even one step farther and paint the door and your door’s trim that same color, too. Trust me when I say to put away the standard white ceiling and trim paint, you’ll thank me!

{From:  House Beautiful .}

Work your wall space.

A mirror naturally finds itself in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, but to help make your small powder room appear larger is to hang an oversized mirror. Professional tip: selecting a larger than life mirror helps to visually double the space. Hanging a mirror across from a window helps to capture natural light, too, casting a glow and illuminating your powder room. For added affect, if your walls permit, hang a piece of artwork across from your mirror to reflect the image.

If you need help redesigning a small powder room, reach out! My designer for a day service could be the perfect tool to help you expertly select the materials and finishing touches for a complete powder room.