All About Bedrooms: Luxurious Bedding

Of all the rooms in a home, your master bedroom should be the most welcoming and offer you the greatest of comforts. A place to rest and recharge, there are several key factors to consider when designing this room and particularly designing the bed itself. Luxurious bedding is one of the details that can help elevate your bed from humble to heavenly. Here are few ideas to keep top-of-mind when redesigning your in-home retreat.

Finding the right fabric

Thread count: A term synonymous with linens, but do you know how to apply it when hunting for luxurious bedding? A textile’s thread count is the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric. While a higher thread count implies a softer, more durable sheet, it is not an exclusive measure of quality. Factors such as such as fiber content and construction equally impact quality. Egyptian cotton gained its seat on the throne thanks to its long fibers; they’re less prone to breakage and pilling. Other high quality contenders include cotton-polyester, organic cotton and Supima or “pima.” Polyester blends situate on the less costly side of the spectrum and are more wrinkle-resistant, whereas pure cotton creates softer, cooler bedding that washes well. Last but not least, let’s talk construction. A basic over-under basket weave, or percale as it is known in linen land, constructs a crisp sheet that wears well. In contrast, a sateen weave makes for a silky, softer fabric.

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{Adelle percale collection by  de Medici .}

{Adelle percale collection by de Medici.}

{Philomena sateen collection by  de Medici .}

{Philomena sateen collection by de Medici.}

Pillow fight

Pillows are to a bed as accessories are to an outfit. Just as you would top off an ensemble with a necklace, style your luxurious bedding with a variety of decorative pillows and shams. Euro shams add depth, making for a flawless foundation to your arrangement. Prop standard {or king} shams atop your sleeping pillows to achieve that crisp, coordinated finish and keep the bed-making chore to a minimum. To crank the cozy up a notch, toss a few throw pillows in varying shapes and sizes on top of your shams. Layer in descending order by size to create a polished bedding scheme. Decorative pillows are the best avenue to showcase your style’s personality by way of pattern mixing and embellishments such as fringe or beading. Design idea: buy separate inserts and covers for an easy way to update your pillows. Speaking of inserts, specifically for your sleeping pillows, the type of filling you opt for can make or break a good night’s rest. The cream of the luxury crop, down-filled pillows are the softest however they offer the least support. Lean in the memory foam or latex direction instead if you’re in need of proper head and neck support.

{Dalton Indigo collection by  Legacy Home .}

{Dalton Indigo collection by Legacy Home.}

{Midnight Poppy collection by  Eastern Accents .}

{Midnight Poppy collection by Eastern Accents.}

Layering linens

More than just fulfilling a functional need, layering your bed’s linens provides visual and tactile appeal. Circling back to the outfit analogy, layering your bedding is like dressing in layers as a styling technique. Add dimension by draping a fringed throw at the foot or folding a fluffy comforter atop a coordinating quilt. An extra blanket helps to keep you warm on a chilly night, but it can also provide the perfect pop of color or pattern to round out your accessorizing. Layering luxurious bedding allows you to incorporate a variety of textures, too. Plush fleece, cozy knit, or sumptuous sheepskin, elevate your bedding scheme with assorted textiles. Aesthetics aside, it’s always nice to have layers handy to stretch out for a quick cat nap or curl up with your latest page-turner. Last but not least, layered linens make for excellent accommodations in a guest room, too, making sure that your friends and family have everything they need to truly feel at home. 

{Lane White Duvet by  Crane & Canopy .}

{Lane White Duvet by Crane & Canopy.}

Your bedroom should be a destination, one that you look forward to revisiting at the end of every day and one that you embrace as you welcome each morning. Between the frame, mattress and luxurious bedding, your bed should fit both the comfort and stylish bills. If you’ve grown a little tired of your master bedroom’s design and are in need of refresh, I can help.  Contact me to talk about your master bedroom project.

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