Keystone Designer Spotlight

There are many benefits to partnering with an interior designer on a home project, be it a new build, room remodel or simply a style update. Homeowners that let a designer lead the way gain access to a world of industry exclusive furnishing manufacturers.

On a recent project we worked with Keystone Designer, a trade-only and family owned furniture company based in Myerstown, PA. Keystone’s quality craftsmanship and ability to customize pieces allow us to confidently bring our clients’ design visions to life.

We’re honored to share that Keystone Designer is currently featuring our MacClintock Drive dining room project in their newly debuted Designer Spotlight, a series that “showcases the work of interior designers and furniture designers who have worked with us on their design projects.” 


{Learn more about the project’s perspective and review the full MacClintock Drive feature here.}

Last August Keystone Designer invited myself and some fellow designers to their office for a tour of their facilities. During our visit we learned about their design and manufacturing processes, and I even took a stab at hand planing some wood.

Our primary goal as interior design professionals is to help you achieve the home of your dreams, and often times we do so with the help of trade-only resources. Clients value the extended Rolodex of vendors and service providers that we bring to the design table.

If you’ve exhausted your retail options, and are in search of a designer to help realize your space’s full potential, contact us!