Outdoor Technology: Inspiration for your Space

Just in time to unofficially usher in summer, the season of outdoor entertaining, I want to share some great outdoor technologies with you. Incorporating technology into your patio or porch’s design not only enhances your enjoyment of the space, but it improves the user-friendly factor, too. Bursting beyond kitchen appliances and intricate entertainment systems, technology continues to play a role in the way we approach the outdoor living space’s drawing board.


Chirping birds and crooning crickets can create a calming soundtrack, but outdoor-friendly speakers can complement the ambiance of any occasion. Whether you hop outside for a change of scenery from your home office or host a porch full of party guests, music can truly transform your space. Sony’s stylish LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker does double duty, working as both a portable speaker and a dimmable lantern, fitting for after-dark entertaining. More permanent products are available, too. Bose offers a rugged weather-proof system that can be affixed to your home’s exterior, designed to withstand the elements. Their wireless SoundTouch speaker system is controlled via Bose’s app and is integrated with streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. 


{From: Sony.}

{From Bose.}

Outdoor Televisions

With the help of outdoor technology you can relocate family movie nights to your patio or catch up on the morning news in a fresh setting. Standard indoor televisions are not designed for outside use, but outdoor versions have been engineered to welcome weather. Companies like SunBriteTV and SkyVue take the sun’s heat and glare into account with their product portfolio, manufacturing a variety of televisions based on your space. Units installed in open and exposed environments need to be equipped with weatherproof shields and components capable of embracing the elements, and thankfully there are products on the market to meet those demands. Outdoor television accessories such as covers, weatherproof sound bars and receivers, cable covers and mounting kits enable you to create a completely safe, reliable and outdoor-friendly system.


{From: SunBrite TV.}

{From: SkyVue.}

Remote Awnings & Pergola Canopies

If you have an uncovered deck, open-air patio or pergola consider installing a motorized covering to enhance your space’s functionality. Awnings and canopies help to control the heat, allowing you use and truly enjoy your space throughout a sun-soaked day. On the other end of weather spectrum this outdoor technology provides shelter from rain, not only for you but your furnishings, too. SunSetter’s Oasis Freestanding Awning, a freestanding motorized retractable awning, is great for spaces like lawns or pool decks. It’s also fitting if you don’t want to install a permanent fixture on your home’s exterior. ShadeRight, by Structureworks Fabrication, is an option if you have a flat or pitched pergola. The covering can also hang vertically, along the sides of your structure for additional protection. ShadeRight can also partially open, like a car’s sunroof, and can be customized with wind and sun sensors.


{From: SunSetter.}


{From: Structureworks Fabrication.}

Again, when designing or remodeling your porch or patio I encourage you to approach it as you would a room inside your home. Creating a space that you enjoy using and that also meets your functional needs is key, and outdoor technology helps to meet both of those design goals. For help putting any of these outdoor technology ideas to use, or investigating more personalized options, feel free to contact me!