What to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom requires so much more than combing through countertop and cabinetry options. A lot of planning has to happen before a space plan can take shape and materials can be selected. My six-step outline will help to guide you if renovating your bathroom, or any remodeling project, is currently on your agenda.


{Master bathroom design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

Step #1: Set specific goals.

Before you seek out service providers, such as contractors or interior designers, jot down the specific goals you wish to accomplish as a result of renovating your bathroom. Adding storage, enhancing the space’s efficiency and eliminating/adding amenities are all examples that may their way onto your outline. A concrete list of your remodeling goals allows you, and your potential project partners, to stay on track throughout the process from conception to execution.

Step 2: List it out.

Once your goals are spelled out, compile a thorough list of your “must haves” and your “wants,” along with a few notes about the function(s) of the space. Is your space a personal retreat or is it simply utilitarian? Keeping its true function top-of-mind will help to appropriately steer your design decisions. Also, by categorizing your “needs” versus your “wants” you’ll be able to recognize what pieces of the project are negotiable and what pieces are not. Approaching planning meetings with a comprehensive wish list allows you to investigate all that can be accomplished while renovating your bathroom. 


{Design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

Step #3: Research, research, research.

Now that we have the particulars outlined, things can start to get a little fun! Between magazines, social media sites and showrooms, there are endless sources of design inspiration. The internet is an excellent one-stop-shop research tool. I encourage you to take advantage of cataloging sites that allow your to curate your own virtual image library. Creating a Pinterest board or Houzz Ideabook of design details that strike your fancy help professionals, like myself, to understand the elements you’d like to execute in your space.

Step #4: Solicit opinions.

One of the best ways to learn is from personal experience, and friends, neighbors or colleagues that recently completed their own remodel pose as excellent resources. Ask about their project’s endeavors, what worked and what didn’t. Talk to them about what they wish they would have done differently, taking mental notes for yourself.

{From HGTV.}

Step #5: Establish a budget.

Budget. A word that carries around a bad reputation but it is an essential piece of any successful project’s puzzle. Before jumping into renovating your bathroom with both feet, establish the financial parameters of what you’re comfortable spending. If you’re unsure where to even begin with this process, consult a professional, like myself. It’s imperative to understand what your budget can realistically buy you and adjust your design decisions accordingly. Above and beyond the cost of materials and contractor/designer fees, allocate a percentage to cover potential unforeseen problems that may (and almost always do) come up.

Step #6: Search for service providers.

Circling back to step #4, collect contractor or designer referrals from a friend or neighbor that recently completed a remodel. Searching industry-centric sites such as Houzz or The Design Network for local, well-rated professionals can uncover promising options, too. When interviewing a service provider, value your comfort-level with them just the same as their fee structure, project approach and portfolio. Oftentimes renovations can take upwards of three months to complete, with tough decisions and conversations happening along the way. A genuine connection and positive working relationship is invaluable. 


{Master bathroom design by April Force Pardoe Interiors.}

Now that’s you’ve reviewed my six-step plan to renovating your bathroom, you’re well on your way to making sound design decisions. If you’re ready to get your project going, contact me today!