Selecting the Right Window Treatments

{The following is my November/December 2016 Her Decor column with HerMind Magazine:}

With so many types of window treatment styles and designs out there, selecting the right window treatments for your home can be an overwhelming process. Here is my three-step process:

1) Start with function. Always. I know this is not the exciting part of decorating, but before you can select gorgeous fabric or cool shutters, you must know what you want them to do.

For example, will they:

  • Reduce heat from sunlightReduce glare from sun for TV viewing

  • Block light for sleeping

  • Provide privacy from neighbors

  • Allow some light in

  • Keep room warm in winter

  • Be easy to control (in the case of high windows)

  • Be child proof

  • Darken the room and filter light

  • Create privacy on the bottom of the window, but allow light in on the top

  • Frame an amazing view

2) Consider your style or the style of the room. Once you establish the functions, decide what style will work best in the room. If your living room is traditional, you probably won’t want sleek, minimal roller shades, but fabric roman shades would work well. Do you want the treatments to fade into the space or to make a statement?

3) Select color or fabrics to complement the room. This is the fun part. If you are using draperies you can choose the drapes or fabric for custom drapes. If you are using shutters you can select the wood or paint color. Draperies will also require hardware, which should also complement the style of treatment and room.  Once you have the first two steps down, you can have fun with the third. The possibilities are endless.